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Selling Process


You have decided to sell your home.

The follow list of steps are designed to guide you and propel you forward through this process.

Step 1 – Clarify Your Goals

  • Think about why you are selling and what you expect to accomplish with the sale of your home.
  • Do you need a larger home to accommodate your growing family?
  • Do you need to downsize because your kids are now in college?
  • Do you have a job offer in another city?
  • Are you interested in moving to another school district or neighborhood?
  • Do you need to liquidate your largest asset (your home) in order to pay off bills or reduce your monthly expenses?
  • Once you have determined the ultimate reason for selling, Threets & Associates will assist you in identifying suitable options to satisfy your real estate goals

The next step is the Initial Consultation.

Step 2 – Consultation with Threets & Associates
As with homebuyers, most home sellers enlist the services of a real estate agent or broker to help them navigate this complex process. A real estate agent is a person licensed by the state to handle real estate sales. A broker, also licensed by the state, is the person who may own a real estate company or has overall responsibility for the agent’s actions. When you hire Threets and Associates you get both.


  • Threets & Associates has been selling real estate for over 15 years
  • We know the market and can help you set a reasonable price
  • We have resources for locating Buyers and information on recent sale prices of homes around you
  • We have a broad range of advertising options
  • We screen for Buyers who are financially able to purchase your home
  • We assist you with all negotiations
  • We handle the legal paperwork and escrow process so you can continue doing the things you enjoy
  • As your representative, we are uniquely positioned to offer a non-biased and objective opinion on the sale of your home
  • We will save you time, prevent stress and aggravation


  • We are committed to getting you top dollar for the sale of your home


Step 3 – Pricing Your Home


  • Pricing is key to the sale of your home. Your listing price should be one that encourages Buyer activity
  • Studies show that homes priced too high or above market value will stay on the market longer than homes priced at or below market value. A home that sits on the market raises Buyer concerns


  • Threets & Associates will take all variables into consideration when suggesting a listing price. This includes neighborhood values, home condition and any recent upgrades, proximity to areas of interest, current market conditions, your goals, etc.


Step 4 – Preparing to Sell


  • Once pricing has been established, it’s time to get your home ready for the sale
  • First impressions are important – Home must show WELL and appeal to Buyers! Although your home may show well, there is a science to selling
  • Threets & Associates will provide you with a room by room review offering suggestions in each room to help with the sale of your home
  • Suggestions could be as simple as de-clutter to moving furniture to simple upgrades to light repairs, etc.
  • We will recommend staging if needed
  • We will provide light staging if required


  • We will provide a comprehensive written review and timeline of events


Step 5 – Marketing & Showing Your Home
So, your home is ready for the world and here we are….Time to place your home on the market for Buyers to view.


  • Threets & Associates will provide professional photos of the home at no additional cost to you
  • We will provide all print marketing (flyers, brochures, etc)
  • We will advertise your home on all real estate websites and social media sites
  • Pre-scheduled open houses and broker tours, if desired
  • We direct market our 15 year database of Real estate agents, clients and investors, foreign and domestic.
  • We have the unique distinction of living and operating in both the SF/Peninsula and East Bay/Tri-Valley areas giving you the access to a larger network of highly qualified Buyers. A key component that makes it possible for us to sell listings in record time is our expansive 7 county network of Realtors, Lenders, Past Clients, Contractors, and much more, that spans the entire Bay Area – San Francisco, Peninsula, East Bay, Tri-Valley and Central Valley


  • In essence, we expand visibility of your home to include 7 counties providing our Sellers with more qualified Buyers to choose from. Our goal is to get you top dollar while making the process easy and stress free allowing you to look forward to a new and exciting future


Step 6 – Selecting an Offer


  • Our goal is to ensure that you will receive multiple offer(s) on your home
  • Threets & Associates will review said offer(s) with you and summarize terms
  • We will confirm all Buyer’s financing to ensure we have solid pre-approved Buyers
  • We will make recommendations to you on the offer(s) – reject, counter, accept – taking into consideration your best interest, goals and current market conditions
  • More often than not you will be afforded the luxury of reviewing multiple offers before choosing the one that best suits your needs


Step 7 – Negotiations
Most offers require negotiations between Seller and Buyer.


  • Threets & Associates has a Certified Negotiations Specialist with over 15 years of experience in negotiations giving you the competitive advantage
  • We will handle this phase and advise you of any requests of the Buyer has and make recommendations on moving forward
  • We will always make recommendations to protect your best interest throughout the negotiating process


  • Once negotiations are complete and all parties have agreed upon the terms, we will finalize the contract and enter the next phase, the escrow process


Step 8 – Escrow
Now that you’ve accepted an offer, the escrow phase begins. This is the timeframe set for the Buyer to complete their loan, perform all inspections, close the purchase transaction and transfer the property.


  • Threets & Associates has a team of certified specialists dedicated to making sure your transaction goes smoothly and closes on time.
  • We work closely with the Buyer’s Agent and Title Company to complete the escrow phase
  • We will advise you of important calendar dates: Buyer’s contingency periods, inspections, appraisals, etc.
  • Once all inspections and appraisal is completed, the Buyer will remove all contingencies, provided there are no outstanding loan issues or inspection concerns
  • The Buyer and Seller final documents prepared by the Title Company


Step 9 – Signing & Closing
Congratulations, it’s the big day!


  • The day you go to the Title Company and sign your name on the dotted line
  • The Buyer and Seller will pay “closing” or settlement costs. These are an accumulation of separate charges paid to different entities for the professional services associated with the buying and selling of a property
  • Closing costs are allocated to the Buyer or Seller (separate charges) and paid to different entities for the services associated with the transaction. Closing costs include real estate commissions, appraisal fees, loan fees, escrow charges, advance payments like property taxes (city and county), homeowner’s insurance, title insurance, pest inspections, etc.
  • You sign final documents to complete the transfer of the property
  • In 2-5 days afterwards, Title will record the new Buyer’s name as the official owner of the property
  • You will receive a check for the proceeds of the sale of your home