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What is Auction LITE

When Buying with Auction LITE:
  • Property will be available for viewing at the pre-scheduled open house dates (unless agreed otherwise)
  • Buyers are approved for bidding by the Seller, Seller’s agent, or instant Buyer approval online by credit card
  • No property inspections required prior to acceptance of the highest bid
  • Buyer’s Premium to be added to the final bid and become FINAL Purchase Price
  • Unlike other Real Estate Auctions, where Buyers have to go in to escrow with no contingencies and a non-refundable deposit, Auction LITE is simply better.  Once the highest bid is accepted by the Seller, the winning Buyer may proceed with a fully ratified C.A.R. Purchase Contract, including all Buyer’s contingencies and inspection time frames
  • Only the winning Buyer is required to write a Purchase Contract and sign all disclosures, thereby saving you time and desk space, not to mention it’s better for the environment (less paper waste).
  • Never miss an opportunity to bid! Buyers placing a bid in the final minutes or even seconds of the auction, will increase the time an additional 9 minutes (with each bid)
  • The entire process is transparent and convenient! Why spend countless hours reviewing disclosures and writing offers on properties only to have them sold to someone else? Choose a method that gives you more, saves you time and gives you better results. Think outside the box. Technology is changing very rapidly in this real estate industry, should you?

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